Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Mass spec access interest group

MHTP researchers are seeking to gauge how many researchers would be interested in accessing mass spectrometry (MS) technology at the MHTP platforms?  For those unfamiliar with this technology, and the many applications MS tech has to offer (e.g., protein quantitation, targeting proteins in complex fluids, analysis of post-translational modifications), there is a nice overview here.

We are considering three potential options :

1. Access to the fully maintained MS instruments at Bio21 in Parkville.  

2. Negotiation with the MS company, Bruker, in order to acquire an older demo instrument (QToF). 

3. Acquiring funding for a new unit.

We would like to get everyone together to ascertain the level of interest, and put together a proposal based upon the above options.

If you would like to be part of the discussions, please respond by Wednesday 25th May to Adam.Rainczuk@hudson.org.au . We will then organise a meeting.

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