Monday, 9 May 2016

ECR Publication Prize Applications Open NOW

Are you an Early Career Researcher?  Did you publish a great piece of research in 2015?
You should apply for the 2016 Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences ECR Publication Prize!

Applications for the Early Career Researcher Publication Prize open next Monday 9th May so start preparing your application!

This year we will be awarding 6 Discipline Specific Prizes and 2 Fellows Prizes.

Winners of the ECR Publication Prizes in each category will receive $1000 for furthering their career in research-related activities.

All nominees for the 2016 Publication Prize will be asked to indicate whether they wish their contact details to be provided to organisers of School and Departmental seminar programs.  This may provide an opportunity for ECR’s to present their work to an external audience and gain new insight or collaborations for future work.

This year applicants will apply via an online application form using FluidReview which can be accessed here.
(We welcome feedback on the application process; please send to

Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Early Career Researcher?
The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences defines an Early Career Researcher as someone appointed at Level A-C, who is less than 10 years from award of their PhD.  Career interruptions are taken into consideration. 
ECR’s who hold an independently funded fellowship (e.g. ARC or NHMRC) are only eligible for the Fellows prize.  ECR’s who are Lab Heads or Group Leaders are ineligible to apply for this award.

What are the criteria?
·      The publication must be published in 2015 as either an epub with a 2015 online publication date or published in full with a 2015 publication date including volume and page numbers. 
·      Epubs must be available on the journal website and have first been published online during 2015 (online publication date should be available on journal website or pdf of publication).  Publications that are ‘submitted’ or ‘accepted’ but are not available to view on the journal website will not be considered.
·      Nominated publications from 2015 may not be nominated again
·      All nominated publications MUST HAVE a Monash University by-line to the nominating ECR.
·      Published journal articles with volume and page numbers published in 2015 must have been reported to Monash University and recorded in your ROPES profile as a C1 publication. 
·      All articles must meet the HERDC C1 categorisation (meet the definition of research and be published in a peer reviewed scholarly journal with an ISSN).  Publication categories are listed next to the publication in your ROPES profile.
·      You should be listed as first author, co-first author or last author on the publication.                    
·      Only one nomination per ECR will be accepted.
·      Current PhD students and adjunct staff are ineligible to apply for this award.

Why should I apply?  Surely there is someone with a Nature paper who will win the award.
There are six prizes available; one for each discipline in the Faculty.  Your publication will be assessed only against other publications from your discipline by academics that are familiar with the discipline. Publications will be assessed on 4 key criteria; originality of research, journal quality (impact factor and rank), research impact and contribution to research.  You are required to provide a 100 word statement with your application that outlines the impact of your research and your contribution to the publication.

Like to Apply?

Please read the Guidelines and Eligibility attached here and complete the online Nomination Form by Monday 6th June 2016.  Please address any questions to Tania Wilmann at

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