Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Research Development for NHMRC ECFs - Additional Support for those who complete the enclosed request by COB 2 Feb 2016

Monash Research Office offers Research Development support for our NHMRC ECF applicants via an Incubator Program. This support is now open. Strategic reviews are available to all ECF applicants who submit drafts by 10 Feb 2016. [Instructions to submit drafts for review are available on our monash intranet page and also attached here.

Thanks to those of you who have sent us a review request already. We have begun reviews and are looking forward to working with you.

Additional support available:
As part of the ECF Incubator Program, we are seeking to identify applicants in need of mentorship beyond our strategic review to enhance the competitiveness of their applications. We will then contact those applicants with individualised offers of support. This may include pairing with senior Monash academic mentors.

This service is limited and will be completed for applicants who have entered drafts of the following ECF application sections by COB 2 Feb 2016 (or who have submitted us a draft for strategic review):

  • Initiated an application in RGMS with Monash as the Administering Institute
  • A-PInst: Institutions Participating
  • B-AES: Application Executive Summary (Even if dot points).
  • B-AITrain: Application Information (This tells us which type of ECF you intend to apply for).
  • CV-Qualifications Awards and Prizes
  • CV-Career Disruption
  • CV-Pubs

Do not be concerned if your application content is provisional only, or feel alone if you are having trouble with the sometimes-difficult RGMS. For RGMS queries, please email our colleagues in the MRO Medical and Health Sciences Team on mhs@monash.edu. They will also be contacting those of you with applications initiated in RGMS in due course about the compliance and submission procedures at Monash.

For queries about our Research Development Support (aka Incubator Program), please contact mro.researchdevelopment@monash.edu or call me on 99053085 with queries.

Strategic Review Submission Instructions - Review Period now open. No drafts accepted after 10 Feb 2016.
To receive a strategic review, please complete the online form (available here) and attach:
  • A complete RGMS application including Assessor Snapshot PDF and a grant proposal PDF

OR in .doc or .docx format (making it easier for us to review)
  • A copy of your RGMS CV, along with a word document containing drafts of the summary sections from Part B of your application (which may be our offline form, attached) and a draft of your grant proposal

As well as:
  • A draft of your letter of justification (if applicable)
  • A draft of your referee report (if available)
Please direct queries about the Incubator Program to the MRO Research Development team

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