Tuesday, 2 February 2016

IITB Monash Research Academy call for new projects June 2016 intake

The June 2016 intake process for the IITB-Monash Research Academy has now commenced. Every year, we start this process by defining new collaborative projects between faculty members at Monash University and IITB.

Collaborative projects, once defined, will be advertised on our website, in order to attract good students.  We will be releasing advertisements in major Indian newspapers as well, and are confident that this will lead to a large amount of traffic to the Academy website.

If you have any new project proposal ideas, the time to submit them is now. If you know who you would like to collaborate with at IITB, we request you to please commence a discussion with them immediately.

If you require any assistance regarding collaborations, kindly get in touch with Adrian Gertler (adrian.gertler@monash.edu) with a cc to Prof. Murali Sastry (murali.sastry@iitbmonash.org) and (beenap@iitbmonash,org). We will be happy to make introductions with the relevant faculty at IITB.

Projects received between now and 05 March 2016 will then be advertised on the Academy website, and be offered to candidates in the June 2016 intake round.  

If you have any further queries about The Academy please contact Prof. Murali Sastry (murali.sastry@iitbmonash.org), Adrian Gertler (adrian.gertler@monash.edu) or Beena Pillai (beenap@iitbmonash.org).

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