Tuesday, 16 February 2016

MRO UPDATE: ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships (FL16) Rejoinders - NOW OPEN in RMS

The ARC has released the Assessor ​R​eports for FL16 and the Rejoinder Process is now open in RMS.

The MRO Research Development Team are available to discuss the reports and review rejoinders, please email your rejoinder text as a Word file to mro.researchdevelopment@monash.edu or call Luke McAvaney (03 9905 9790) to discuss.

To find your assessor comments for your FL16 proposal in RMS:
1. Log in to RMS 2.0
2. Click on "Proposals" under Applicant Proposals
3. Click on the "Rejoinders" tab and select the scheme round from the drop down menu.
4. To view the assessment and rejoinder information, Click the "Edit" button.
5. Click on the Assessor link to view assessment text.
6. At the bottom of the page, enter the rejoinder text into the rejoinder field. Your rejoinder is limited to 5000 characters (including spaces). The text will become red if the character limit has been exceeded.
7. Once you have finished editing, click "Save" and "Submit to Research Office".  This submits the rejoinder to MRO.
8. Once received in RMS, MRO will submit your rejoinder to ARC by the deadline.

Key Dates:
·          MRO deadline for final submission9am, Tuesday 23 February 2016

·          ARC deadline: 5pm, Tuesday 23 February 2016

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