Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A new, free online open publishing platform: Authorea

Designed by an astrophysicist and colleagues, Authorea is a new, free online open publishing platform - the collaborative typewriter for academia, for scientists by scientists!

Authorea is a word processor designed specifically for research science.  Today over 52,000 researchers and students use Authorea daily to take research and lecture notes, prepare and collaborate on manuscripts and format and submit them to journals.

Your are invited to sign up and use Authorea- it costs nothing, it will help you work and write more efficiently.  Some of the benefits include:
  • Citation tool: With one click Authorea automatically finds, inserts and formats a full citation from PubMed or CrossRef.
  • Formatting for journal submission: With a single click you can pick from 87 publisher/journal styles, and Authorea will format and export your whole document in that style.
  • Real time collaboration: Multiple authors can edit and comment on the same document at once. The largest collaboration on Authorea has over 400 co-authors from CERN.
  • Beginner-friendly with quick-start templates and an expanding help section.
  • A growing body of awesome science

You can sign up and use Authorea forever without buying a subscription.

If you find Authorea useful, please become a supporter: invite your colleagues, send Authorea feedback and suggestions, or buy a subscription so that it can be continued to be developed.

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