Monday, 22 June 2015

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Environment Fund

The Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Environment Fund (“the Fund”) is a grant program which aims to realise sustainable development by supporting various activities and research projects that contribute to solving global environmental problems. The grant programs consist of:-
  • Activity Grants which support activities by NPOs and other organisations to contribute to the environment; and
  • Research Grants which support environmental research by universities, research institutions, and other organisations.
Please refer to more information here.

Since its launch in 2005, the Fund has provided a total amount of 5,169 million yen (about AU$52 million) to a total of 492 environmental activity/research projects.

Unfortunately, no grant has been provided to a project undertaken by Australian organisation so far. Therefore, we at Mitsui & Co. Australia are very keen to partner with an Australian university to identify/develop a suitable research project for which we could put forward an grant application.

Attached is the 2014 applicationguidelines for research grants for your information.

​Mitsui & Co. have obtained further information ​outlined ​below which is more applicable to applications from Australia. It is pretty competitive so we have tried to identify what specifically the selection panel are looking for.
  • The Fund has not provided many grants to organisations from the Asia Pacific region so they are keen to receive more applications from us in the area.
  • They are looking for applications from top-level universities and research organisations in Australia.
  • From a developed country like Australia, they look for applications which collaborate with other partner(s) in a developing country in the region (i.e., Asia Pacific) to solve their environmental issues as well as to help them develop environmental human resources and systems through the collaboration.
  • In many Asian countries, they still lack environmental researchers who are skilled and experienced. Due to this situation, there have been a large number of researches taking place in those countries that are undertaken by organisations from developed countries including Japan. They are looking for similar collaborative researches to fund.
The FY2015 Research Grants will open for applications in around October 2015 and close around mid-November 2015.

​For further information, please contact ​Kaoru Curmi​, ​CSR Coordinator, Corporate Planning Division​, Mitsui & Co. (Australia) Ltd - Tel:​(03) ​9605 8824 / Mob:​0​417 149 925


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