Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Monash Care launch: No Monash Doctor will struggle in silence

Monash Care – the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Monash Doctors was launched last week at Monash Medical Centre by the Honourable Jeff Kennett AC.

Monash Health developed the Monash Care strategy in response to Mr Kennett’s challenge at last year’s Senior Medical Staff Association Christmas Dinner to “do something about the mental health and well-being of doctors”.

Key findings from the National Mental Health Survey of Doctors and Medical Students conducted by beyondblue last year also supported the need for action.  According to the survey, doctors reported substantially higher rates of psychological distress and attempted suicide compared to both the Australian population and other Australian professionals.

As the largest employer of medical staff in Victoria, Monash Health has many staff in the high risk groups identified in the survey.

Through the Monash Care strategy, Monash Health aims to create a caring and supportive culture that prevents psychological distress in the workplace so that no Monash Doctor will struggle in silence.

At last week’s launch, Mr Kennett gave an inspirational talk on the importance of appreciating the gift of life as a “rock” to measure all other life events against, so that we keep things in perspective.

Dr Steve Ellen, psychiatrist and radio personality, also spoke about the importance of work-life balance.

Monash Care programs include the Junior Medical Staff Peer Support Program (contact Michael.kirk@monashhealth.org) and the Perinatal Support Program (contact Richard.nasra@monashhealth.org).

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