Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Important Reminder: Use of NHMRC Funds for Overseas Travel

In relation to overseas travel using NHMRC funds please note the following:

The  NHMRC Funding Agreement and NHMRC Direct Research Costs (DRCs) Guidelines specify the conditions that apply to all grant and fellowship recipients and it is a requirement that researchers abide by them if they wish to continue to receive NHMRC funding.
It is the policy of the University to conduct all its research in accord with the policies on responsible research conduct and in accord with the terms and conditions of the funding agency. Please understand that the University has no leeway in this matter and will be compliant with grant conditions.

The DRC Guidelines has a requirement for Faculty Research Committee to pre-approve all overseas travel expenditure using NHMRC funds. 

Failure to seek pre-approval for the use of NHMRC funds for overseas travel is technically in breach of the NHMRC Funding Agreement. We do not know what the penalty for such a breach may be, but it is within the power of the NHMRC to suspend or request return of ALL grant funds provided to NHMRC-funded investigators and conceivably if the offence was sufficiently grave, additional penalties for the responsible institution.

Chief Investigators need to adhere to the NHMRC policy and prepare a formal statement of conference attendance when they present findings from NHMRC-supported research and they intend to support travel from NHMRC funds, or when they are incurring DRCs as a result of research activity (fieldwork, collaborations, use of facilities) undertaken overseas. This must be submitted in advance of undertaking the travel.

All researchers who intend to use NHMRC funds for overseas travel are required to complete and sign the Request for Approval form and submit to the Faculty Research Office ( in advance of making travel plans.

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