Monday, 11 June 2018

Men’s Health Week 11-17 June

This week is Men’s Health Week 11-17 June and we are encouraging all men to start a conversation about their health and wellbeing with someone they trust. 

For many different reasons, men often feel they can’t talk about their own physical health or emotions. Men tend to battle through, ignoring warning signs just hoping they will go away, however, it is healthy to talk. Having a chat to someone in your family, or a mate at work, in the men’s shed, at band practise or the local sporting club, can stop a minor problem turning into something bigger. The simple act of sharing a concern can turn someone’s life around. We urge all men to talk about how they are feeling. 

The following seminars are available for you to join to get some more information about Mens health issues and they are free to join via webinar or at the Clayton campus

Beyond Blue Ambassador, Jim Moore will be delivering a presentation on his experiences with depression and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms through social connection. The presentation will be held on Thursday 14th of June at the Clayton campus and via webinar as part of Men's Health Week from the 11-15th of June.  Registration details can be found on the booking system

Men's Health Week: Prostate Cancer Screening (What you need to know)

Andrology Australia ambassador,  Prof Dragan Ilic,Head of Medical Education Research & Quality (MERQ) unit and School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine at Monash University will be delivering a talk about Prostate Cancer. 
The current literature provides conflicting evidence as to whether men should be screened for prostate cancer – and at what age. The presentation will outline the diagnostic test used for prostate cancer screening, benefits and limitations and methods to better inform men about the benefits and risks of prostate cancer screening. 

The presentation will be held on Wednesday 13th of June at the Clayton campus and via webinar. Registration details can be found on the booking system
Any questions on the above events can be sent to

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