Monday, 26 March 2018

Mid-candidature review, Michelle Chonwerawong, "The role of NLRC5 in Helicobacter-induced inflammation and lymphoid tissue formation", 26 March

All staff and students are invited to Michelle Chonwerawong's Mid-candidature review presentation.

26 March, 1.30pm, Level 2 meeting room, Hudson Institute

Presentation title: The role of NLRC5 in Helicobacter-induced inflammation and lymphoid tissue formation

Synopsis: Helicobacter pylori is an extracellular mucosal pathogen that colonises up to half of the world’s population and establishes chronic infection, which can ultimately lead to gastric cancer. The newly discovered NOD-like receptor, NLRC5 has been shown to regulate host-defence mechanisms against viral and bacterial infection. My PhD aims to investigate the mechanisms of NLRC5-mediated regulation of pro-inflammatory responses induced by macrophages during Helicobacter gastritis and gastric MALT lymphoma. Identifying a new role for NLRC5 in the context of Helicobacter infection, may provide insight into the progression and development of H. pylori-related diseases which pose as disease burdens in the community.

Supervisors: A/Prof Richard Ferrero and Dr. Jonathan Ferrand

Panel Chair: Dr. Connie Wong

Independent assessors: Dr. Michelle Tate (Hudson)  and Prof. Stephen Turner (Monash University)

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