Monday, 6 November 2017

ARC Centre of Excellence - Notice of Intent (NOI)

In advance of the release of funding rules, Monash researchers wishing to participate on an ARC Centre of Excellence submission in the forthcoming round are requested to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to the Monash Research Office (MRO) by 30 November 2017.  

The NOI process provides visibility of the landscape and enables resource allocation planning for senior University leadership.  In addition, for Monash-led proposals it will help MRO to resource  proposal development assistance.  

NOIs are requested for: 
  • Monash-led Centres - please could the proposed Centre Director (or delegate) complete an NOI.  Only one NOI is required per Centre irrespective of how may Monash CI's are participating (the NOI form requests all participants be named).
  • Non-Monash led Centres - if you have been invited to participate in a Centre of Excellence hosted at another university, please complete an NOI.  If you are aware of other Monash CIs participating in the same Centre, only one NOI need be submitted.  However, if there are duplicates submitted for the same proposed Centre, they will be consolidated after the NOI closing date.
At this stage we understand that there are many unknowns and that a Centre proposal may change considerably between now and submission.  Revisions to the NOI will be permitted at a later date, particularly after the Funding Rules release in May 2018.

CIs can access the NOI form here:  

The NOI round opens today at 10am and closes at midnight 30 November 2017.

Questions should be directed to the MRO ARC Team (

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