Monday, 24 July 2017

PhD milestone, "A PDX model for studying cervical cancer, cervical dysplasia, and its genetic basis", Luke Larmour, 26 July

All staff and students are invited to Luke Larmour's PhD Candidature Review.

July 26th 2017, 1 pm. Seminar room 2, TRF

     This new Patient Derived Xenograft model using Nod-Scid Gamma immunosuppressed mice is capable of growing cervical carcinoma biopsies taken directly from patients, and for the first time cervical dysplastic tissue. This gives the opportunity to study these tumours over time, and to investigate any changes in their genome. 

Supervisors:  A/Prof Caroline Gargett, A/Prof Tom Jobling
Panel Chair: Dr Daniel Gough
Independent assessors: Dr Jason Cain, Dr Simon Chu

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