Monday, 5 June 2017

MHTP technical seminar: "Introducing the new MHTP FlowCore Node", 6 June

This week's Techincal Seminar will be held, Tuesday 6th June at 11:00am-12:00pm in Seminar room 3, Level 2, TRF Building.
Seminar: "Introducing the new MHTP FlowCore Node"
Speaker: Michael Thomson, MHTP FlowCore Node Manager

“Learn about our newly commenced MHTP Node of Monash FlowCore which hosts the brand 18 colour new FACS-ARIA cell sorter and Fortessa instruments. This seminar will cover the innovative capabilities of the new instruments, clarify changes to the existing instruments, and discuss the relationship between the Monash Flowcore and the MHTP Node including instrument access and data management. Further information will be provided on services offered such as instrument training, experimental design and analysis software.”

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