Monday, 15 May 2017

ARC Linkage Projects - Internal Submission Deadlines

As you will be aware, the ARC Linkage Projects scheme is now accepting applications on a continuous basis. To help facilitate the process and to encourage more regular submissions, we are now introducing internal deadlines for submission. There will be three more submission rounds this year, and under normal circumstances ​MRO ​ will only be submitting applications to the ARC in accordance with the dates below:

MRO Deadline
ARC Deadline
Applications open
23 December 2016
Request not to assess
At the time of submission
At the time of proposal submission
MRO compliance review Q2
9 June 2017
Submission to ARC deadline Q2
30 June 2017
MRO compliance review Q3
8 September 2017
Submission to ARC deadline Q3
29 September 2017
MRO compliance review Q4
24 November 2017
Submission to ARC deadline Q4
15 December 2017

If you have any questions or queries, please contact ​the ARC Team  at

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