Monday, 3 April 2017

PhD confirmation, Beisi Jiang, "Telemedicine in palliative care: investigating the clinical impact and efficiency of the service", 24 April

All staff and students are invited to Beisi Jiang's PhD confirmation of candidature.

1.30-3pm, 24 April, Professor Julian Smith's office, Level 5, Block E, MMC

Synopsis: Telehealth is considered to be the potential solution to narrow the gap between increasing demand for palliative care and the insufficiency of service delivery. This project is one of the first randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in telehealth-assisted palliative care (TPC) in the rural and remote area. This multicenter clinical study cooperated with community health care groups in Gippsland aims to investigate the impact of TPC on the patient and carer outcomes and the effectiveness of this service system.

Supervisor:  Associate Professor Peter Poon

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