Monday, 23 January 2017

PhD mid-candidature review - Rashid Aldahhan

Presenation Date, Time Venue: 25 January 2017, 10.30am, Seminar Room (RC18) level 4, block E, MMC.
Student Name: Rashid Aldahhan
Presentation Title: Understanding the mechanisms involved in heat damage of testicular function in the rat.
Synopsis: This project aims to study the time-course of the response of the rat testis to heat and to determine the mechanisms by which the seminiferous tubules communicate with the intertubular compartment of the testis. It also investigates the potential role of activins, inhibins and follistatin in this intercompartmental dialogue.
Supervisors:  Associate Prof Mark Hedger and Prof David de Kretser 
Panel chair: Associate Professor Elizabeth Algar
Independent assessors: Professor Kate Loveland and Associate Professor Peter Temple-Smith

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