Monday, 12 December 2016

Planned refurbishment of teaching spaces on L1 of E Block

We are undertaking exciting improvements to our undergraduate teaching spaces on Level 1 of E Block (MMC Clayton), with a complete refurbishment of the tutorial and meeting rooms.

The following information for staff who use the Animal House in E Block, and also for those who have items stored in the adjacent rooms (Rm 1.AH.124 or Rm 1.AH.125). 

A builder has been appointed to begin the works and would like to commence next week (12th Dec), pending confirmation from Monika Generowicz, Manager of the Animal House. If the works will affect critical animal experiments in the adjacent animal rooms, however, it can be postponed until mid-January.  

The works will be minor, with one internal wall to be removed; there will also be some upgrades to the mechanical and electrical services in that area. The rest of the project will involve cosmetic changes to the rooms, and at this stage, the anticipated date of practical completion is the end of February. 

Staff will still be able to access the Animal House during the refurbishment, however there may be dust curtains containing the work areas. Please comply with any instructions from the builders. 

Dr Clare Westhorpe (SCS Safety and Lab Resources Officer) and I will attend weekly meetings with the Site Manager and we will ensure that all stakeholders are informed about progress and the plans for the following week. 

If you have items stored in rooms 1.AH.124 or 1.AH.125 that you need to keep, please relocate them ASAP. Any remaining items will be given to the Monash Uni furniture recycling unit or will be disposed.
Please click here for pictures of the current content of both rooms:
To access your items from those rooms, please make a time with Janet (Mon or Fri) or Bernadette (Tue, Wed, Thu) at SCS Reception on Level 5 of E Block and they can take you down to the rooms for you to label or remove your things. 

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