Monday, 3 October 2016

Food, Fertility and Pregnancy: Monash University leads the way with on-line training for health professionals

Most Australian women’s diets before and during pregnancy do not meet nutrition recommendations.  This issue is further compounded by confusing dietary advice conveyed in the media, on the Internet, and by families regarding what women should and shouldn’t be eating. This advice can be confusing and costly (at best) or dangerous for the health of mother and child (at worst). 
The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University has developed a flexible on-line course entitled Food, Fertility and Pregnancy for all health professionals in antenatal care.  The course has been designed to equip health professionals to answer their patient’s food and nutrition related questions regarding fertility and pregnancy.

  • Is there a special fertility diet?
  • Can foods determine the sex of a baby?
  • Is folate the only nutrient I need to worry about during pregnancy?
  • What foods can I eat when I am pregnant?

Women want confident, consistent and personalised advice regarding fertility and pregnancy.  Australian research has found that doctors, midwives and other health professionals are trusted sources of fertility and pregnancy advice.  Health professionals face many challenges when providing food and nutrition advice.  Such challenges include misinformation in the public, minimal training to provide nutrition advice, and a lack of confidence.  
The Food, Fertility and Pregnancy course aims to address these issues and to help health professionals identify when they should refer women for more specialised dietary advice.    
Information about the two week Food, Fertility and Pregnancy course is HERE.

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