Monday, 10 October 2016

ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships (FL17) - Now open in RMS

Applications for ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships 2017 are now open in RMS and close 5pm on Wednesday 30 November 2016.

1. Please find attached the Funding Rules, ARC Medical Policy and Instructions toApplicants. These documents (and any updates) may also be downloaded from the ARC website:

Please start your proposal in RMS as soon as possible so we know that you intend to apply. An Application Record will also need to be started in myResearch/Pure (for guidance refer to: Creating an Application Record)
3. The MRO Research Development Team will assist with application preparation and letter of support. They can be contacted at If you haven't already informed the team of your intention to apply, please do so ASAP.

4. Please direct any other questions that you have to the ARC Pre-award team at

FL17 key dates:
FL 2017
MRO close date
ARC close date
Funding Rules 22 Sept 2016
Open in RMS 5 October 2016
Proposal closing date
16 Nov 2016
5pm 30 Nov 2016
Support Letter
16 Nov 2016
Request Not to Assess
9 Nov 2016
5pm 16 Nov 2016
Rejoinder Process


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