Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Monash Critical Care Research Forum success at MHTP

Associate Professor Parkin
Head of Critical Care at MHTP Professor Yahya Shehabi hosted a highly successfully Monash Critical Care Research Forum last week in the Translational Research Facility (TRF).

Attended by more than 50 participants, some of the highlights included presentations by Professor Rinaldo Bellomo, Associate Professor Michael Bailey and Ms Karen Goulding from the ANZCA Clinical Trial Network.

A number of participants commented on Associate Professor Geoffrey Parkin’s presentation, ‘Making cardiac output measurements continuous-novel methods for capnotracking’, as a ‘real hit’.  

“Associate Professor Parkin is always entertaining and his talk inspired, motivated and educated everyone in the audience,” said Intensive Care Unit Research Manager Ms Pauline Galt.

The multidisciplinary and collaborative forum featured many presentations from anaesthesia, intensive care, general medicine, respiratory and other Health Networks and included guest speakers from Austin Health, Alfred Centre and the ANZCA Clinical Trials network.

Professor Shehabi said the highlight of the meeting was the afternoon session with presentation challenging dogma in critical care, setting the direction for high quality high impact research and collaborative clinical trials networks.

The forum provided a future direction for critical care research with opportunities for feedback and networking.

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