Monday, 11 April 2016

LabArchives update

The faculty is committed to improving its research performance and professionalising its research conduct, and is continuing the roll-out of LabArchives as an electronic replacement for more traditional methods previously used to record research notes/data.

LabArchives provides an excellent way of building, managing, storing, searching and sharing research data and records. With the use of LabArchives supervisors will be able to connect and communicate more effectively with their graduate students and review their work as it progresses anywhere and anytime. We have already received positive feedback from various senior research groups within the faculty who have been part of our pilot and have actively engaged with the platform.

Dr. Jackie How, LabArchives coordinator for the faculty, has been in consultation with School Graduate Research Coordinators and significant work has been conducted in preparation for the up-coming roll out.  We will commence a marketing strategy shortly, which will provide information about the roll out as well as school visits to engage staff and newly enrolled graduate research students with the product.

As part of our commitment to equip new graduate students with an enhanced graduate experience, and the tools necessary to prosper in their future career path, we will be relying on your invaluable support and feedback during the roll-out in coming months as we work together to provide our supervisors and students with a positive and enriching experience. This will also provide Research Group Heads with an opportunity to test LabArchives within their research environment and consider whether they wish in the longer term to migrate their research to this platform.

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