Monday, 16 November 2015

In-kind Support for NHMRC Fellowship Applications

The Research Development Team at MRO have received strategic advice from an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship (ECF) peer review panel member:

"They mentioned that host institution in-kind support had been quantified in the Executive Summary of some NHMRC ECF fellowship applicants. They referred to it as an "X factor" that helped to differentiate funded from un-funded applicants." 

Although Monash University encourages NHMRC applicants to demonstrate funding sources (including local sources) when discussing feasibility of aims in their Grant Proposal PDF, we have not previously encouraged applicants to quantify in-kind support in the summary sections. We now think this is a missed opportunity, not only for our ECFs, but particularly CDFs and RFs, for whom competition is extremely fierce.

We would like to encourage applicants for the next round to quantify the in-kind support coming to them from Monash University. They will all have some as a matter of course (on-costs, equipment access, etc) - and some will be able to add in-kind cash for direct costs, such as support for stipends, research consumables, etc. 

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