Monday, 29 June 2015

Browns Road Incident - Safety Reminder

Please be advised that there was an attempted mugging on Browns Road at 5.45pm last Wednesday, towards the Browns Road South car park. Thankfully no one was injured during the incident.

Please take care when walking outside our buildings, especially at night. The following precautions can be taken to ensure your safety: 
·  walk to the car park in pairs/groups
·  leave work before dark OR pick up your car from the car park at 5pm and park it closer to the building
·  use internal walk-ways between buildings where possible
·  use the MMC Shuttle Bus service to get to and from the car park - timetable can be found on our intranet or here

A reminder of the security phone numbers (which can also be found on our intranet home page):
·  Hudson Institute/ MHRP Buildings (Monash Uni Security)
o 990 53059
o Emergency x333
·  B&E Block, MMC Buildings (Monash Health Security)
o 959 42139
o Emergency x999
If you do see anything suspicious, please notify Security immediately.

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